September 15, 2020 2 min read

Everybody that displays an American flag should know how to display it properly because it demonstrates respect. That said, anyone who an American flag must know how to take care of it as well. If you’d like to learn how to care for your American flag, we’ve got you covered in the following guide.

Washing and Drying a Flag

Many individuals and companies purchase all-weather flags because they’re generally easier to maintain and display. For instance, if you were flying a traditional cotton flag, proper etiquette requires you to take the flag down during inclement weather. All-weather and traditional flags both have one thing in common, however, and that’s the fact that they both require occasional cleaning. The American flag owner is responsible for keeping the flag in its best condition. The safest way to clean a flag without potentially causing damage is handwashing in cold water with mild soap. You could use a washing machine, but you should alwayswash on the delicate setting to prevent damage. When it comes to drying, it’s best to allow the flag to air dry. You may iron or bring the flag to a dry cleaner as necessary.

Repair Tears and Frays as Soon as Possible

Even if you follow all the rules, every flag will begin to fray or tear at some point. It’s best to take care of the tears and frays early though. Once a tear is present, the flag becomes more susceptible to further damage. Repairing a flag can be challenging because repairs must be minor to avoid changing the appearance of the flag. You may use a needle and thread to make repairs yourself, or you can bring the flag to a professional tailor. If your flag is damaged beyond repair, you should alwaysdispose of the flag properly. Many communities have flag disposal boxes where you can drop your flag off. Additionally, most VWFs accept worn flags and hold ceremonial disposals.

Storing a Flag

The final way to care for your American flag only applies during storage. Anytime you’re storing the American flag, you must fold it properly—it will resemble a triangle. There are plenty of guides available if you need help learning how to fold the flag. Of course, if you have an all-weather flag and a light, you don’t need to take your flag down. In fact, we encourage everyone to fly their flag proudly.

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