June 25, 2021 2 min read

Keeping your American flag clean preserves its beauty. Flags get dirty over time, but knowing how to properly clean the American flag ensures you can take care of yours. After all, a flag represents more than a country—it also stands for freedom. Make sure you wash your flag correctly based on its material.

How To Clean Nylon and Polyester Flags

Not all flags require professional cleanings, especially if they’re made of nylon or polyester. Before washing your flag, you may want to spot test a small section to see if the dye transfers. This prevents the chance of the red and blue dye bleeding onto the white stars and stripes.

You can do this by wetting a cotton swab and then rubbing it on a section of each color. If dye comes off, you might need to buy a new flag, since this means the colors will bleed in the wash. You can buy a new flag at Federal Flags—we sell heavy-duty polyester and nylon state and national flags!

If the flag passes the dye test, then you can wash it. Make sure you set your washing machine to delicate and use cold water. Use only a little detergent, and remove the flag as soon as the wash finishes. Once the flag comes out clean, allow it to hang-dry. Putting it in the dryer could ruin your flag. After the flag dries, remove any wrinkles with a cool iron.

How To Clean Cotton Flags

Flags made of natural materials such as wool or cotton are more delicate, so you’ll need to wash them carefully. Try spot cleaning it if only a few areas need cleaning. But if the whole flag needs a wash, the safest option is to take it to the dry cleaner.

If you choose to wash your cotton flag by hand, experts recommend using oxygen-based bleach and cold water. Also, never put it in the dryer, since the heat could ruin it. Interestingly, you can use a hot iron to remove any wrinkles.

Take care of your American flag. It represents the country and those who fought for it. And remember to dispose of your flag properly when it’s beyond repair. Knowing how to properly clean the American flag allows you to always display a beautiful flag. When the time does come to replace it, shop at Federal Flags, the top flag and flagpole store. That way, you can continue showing off your pride!

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