Nylon American Flags (Standard Duty)

Our fully sewn & embroidered, nylon American flags are crafted from top quality, SolarMax™ Nylon. It's the best flag nylon available. It has a slight sheen and is slightly translucent. It's our most popular US flag because it is light enough to fly in gentle breezes, yet strong enough to outlast most other flags. For most situations, our nylon flags will be the ideal choice. But for areas where there are frequent strong winds, our 2-ply polyester American flags are recommended.


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Tecd pole light not in service YET missed getting the
Light that was ajustable I guess ya had to request can I request thks


Exactly what we wanted, built very well, beautiful & shiny. Proudly flying our American flag! Easy delivery with no damage. Installed easy enough for a guy with some skills & muscle & the right tools.

Flag pole base plate

Nicest people to do business with, very fast del. I'm a very happy camper. My flag pole base plate was excellent .

Old Glory

Being retired military, I have always wanted a flag pole in my front yard flying "Old Glory" showing my patriotic way. I got the flag pole and needs a better flag than what came with the pole. I did a lot of online research and somehow came upon it. The flag was better than I expected for the price. It looks high quality and probably the best looking flag I have had in years. I recommend everyone to get their needs from this company. I would add a picture but flag pole not installed due to current weather condition.

IATF 16949 Flag

Professional, courteous service and quick turn-around for delivery