Flagpole Receiving Instructions

When your flagpole arrives, you must carefully inspect it for damage sustained in transit.

Do not sign off the delivery and release the driver until you have undertaken the below steps.

Flagpoles are large and tricky to ship, so we carefully select our logistics partners to minimize damage and speed up delivery, but sometimes accidents happen.

Step 1 - Outer Packaging Inspection

Remove the pole from its shipping tube, unwrap it and inspect it while the driver is still present. If you find any damage to the pole, please reject the pole portion of the shipment.

You must still unpack your flagpole. Once a delivery is signed off, we are unable to assist with damages or issue and return expenses are your responsibility. 

Step 2 - Inner Packaging Inspection

Remove flagpole from the shipping tube while the driver is still present and then unwrap the pole from its inner paper wrapping to inspect it. If you find any damage to the pole, please REJECT the shipment.(You ONLY need to reject the pole portion of the order, you can keep the hardware box that comes with your pole and the sleeve)).Check you have all your items from the invoice the driver gives you! If not mark SHORT or DAMAGED

Step 3 - Flagpole Storage


  • Immediately remove all wrapping from the pole. If wrapping is left on the pole and it gets wet, staining could occur.

  • Do not store your unwrapped pole directly on the ground. Grass and soil can stain the pole. Stones can scratch it. Instead, place your pole on a soft, colorfast support surface.

  • Be careful not to let the pole come in contact with other hard surfaces like metal, concrete, or stone. Your pole is manufactured from aluminum which can easily scratch. It's important to use extreme care in storing and moving your pole prior to installation.

Step 4 - Damage Reporting

We want your flagpole to be perfect. We understand how important it is to have your flag flying beautifully.

If you discover damage on the items or packaging, you can start a damage report by emailing us: info@federalflags.com. Please include your order number on all correspondence.

Digital photos of any damaged product AND packaging are requirements by the carrier in any claim process. Customers must keep any damaged product AND packaging in order for us to establish recovery.

Step 5 - Installation

You should receive a shop drawing with your flagpole which clearly defines all relevant dimensions and materials. If you need any help with installing your flagpole, we are available to answer any questions by email or phone. 

View our installation guide

We love to see our customers' finished work! Send us a few photos of your finished project and we'll give you a shout out on our Facebook page!

Thank you again for choosing Federal Flags!