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63.9% of the American population owns an American flag. If you’re one of the people who don’t own one, maybe it’s time you did!

Don’t you just wish that choosing a good flagpole for your home was as easy as buying the first one you set your eyes on? There are so many things you still need to consider that go into giving your home the perfect patriotic look.

Buying A Flagpole For Your Home: What You Should Know

From different finishes and materials to the flagpole length and size, you will be surprised at how much actually goes into buying the perfect residential flagpole.

That's why we have highlighted some of the most important aspects that you will need to look into when buying the best residential flagpole. Take a look!

1 - Selecting The Perfect Flagpole Size and Height

The key step to start with is to decide on the size of the flag you want to display. The size of your flag will influence the height and strength of the flagpole you'll need.

But, in order to determine the perfect size and height of your flagpole, you will need to know exactly where you will place it beforehand. In order for it to be fully visible, it should be placed away from things like plants, trees, bushes, shrubs and other similar items that might interfere with its grandeur.

The length and size should neither make it look too large, nor too small as compared to your house. Generally, the ideal height for residential flagpoles is 20 feet, but in case you own a double story house, you might also want to look into 25-feet tall flagpoles.
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2 - The Most Suitable Material For Your Flagpole

In most cases, people prefer having their flagpoles made of aluminum, fiberglass or steel. Each material has its advantages. Aluminum is lightweight and doesn't rust, fiberglass is durable and low-maintenance, while steel is strong and long-lasting. An advantage of fiberglass is that it has a glossy coating that is resistant to scratches and gives a flagpole its much needed aesthetics.

It can easily tolerate higher wind load and is mostly chosen to be placed in areas with high wind speeds. Most flagpoles made of aluminum are sturdy, strong and require very low maintenance. They are mostly used in commercial plots and areas but are also not an uncommon residential flagpole choice.

3 - Flagpole Styling Options

Once you’ve selected the kind of material you want your flag pole to be, it’s time to choose a style that would best compliment your home. You can choose from four options: one-piece, sectional, telescoping or wall mounted.

Out of the four options, one-piece flagpoles are the strongest. These are made of fiberglass and are more suitable if you live in an area with high wind speeds.

Next, are sectional flagpoles. These come in sections that need to be put together when setting them up but once they are constructed, they give a seamless look.

Telescoping flagpoles are similar to sectional flagpoles. The only difference is that telescoping flagpoles feature an interlocking sleeve system that holds the pole in place and provides it the necessary support.

Wall mounted flagpoles are designed to be affixed directly to vertical surfaces such as walls or pillars, providing a more space saving solution. These are easier to install and a great flagpole option for small homes, porches or yards.

4 - Consider Installation Method

Decide whether you want an in-ground or wall-mounted flagpole. In-ground flagpoles are freestanding and require digging a hole for installation, while wall-mounted flagpoles are attached to the side of your home.

5 - Budget Consideration

The type of residential flagpole you buy is likely to depend on the budget you have. Therefore it is important that you establish a budget for your flagpole, including the pole itself, any necessary accessories (such as halyards and finials), and installation costs so you can see what flagpole is the best option within your price range.

The cost of a residential flagpole can vary widely depending on several factors, including the material, height, style, and any additional accessories or features you desire. If you’re looking for a basic affordable flagpole for your home, an ideal choice would be the wall-mounted flagpole or one-piece flagpole. If you have a higher budget, then you should choose the sectional or telescoping flagpole.

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