There is an industry wide issuewith large good logistics and due to the size and complexity of flagpole delivery, some orders may take as long as 6 weeks to reach you.

This affects all flagpoles 30ft or taller.

For customers who can't wait to get their flag flying proudly, we recommend our Quick Ship Flagpoles(less than 25ft, sectional and telescoping flagpoles), which are shipped by regular ground courier.

Quick Ship Flagpoles

Shipping policy by product type

Orders will be shipped via UPS at the speed that you choose at checkout*

*orders that do not include commercial flagpole

Quick Ship Flagpoles

Commercial flagpoles must ship by truck, they are too large for UpS

They must be shipped in tractor trailers/18 wheelers

SHop Commercial Flagpoles

At federal flags we:

An honest note on shipping

It is Federal Flags policy not to try to profit from shipping charges.We strive to provide truck shipping charges that are as close to what we get charged by the trucking companies as possible.

Other sites may offer "Free" shipping on flagpoles, but this is just a marketing gimmick as there is no free shipping by truck. In cases where you do see a company offering free commercial flagpole shipping, you can bet the cost of shipping is added into their price for the flagpole.

We think our customers prefer transparency. So we don't do marketing gimmicks like Free Shipping on commercial flagpoles.

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