External Halyard Flagpoles (Most Economical)

Is security important?You may prefer ourinternal halyard flagpoles.

Aluminum flag polesare the most popular choice when it comes to commercial grade flagpoles. That's because they are extremely durable, affordable, light-weight enough to ship easily, virtually maintenance free and are simply beautiful. If you're ready to make a dramatic impact at your home, business or government office, this is the type of flag pole you should consider.

Federal Flags offers top-quality, American-made, aluminum flagpoles for sale. And all of our flagpoles are backed by our guarantee of satisfaction and manufacturer’s warranty (which includes a lifetime warranty on the flagpole shaft).

Our external halyard flag poles (above) come complete with all hardware needed for a complete installation. You will only need to supply installation materials like concrete, sand and gravel. Poles under 35 feet in height can often be installed with manual labor. For flagpoles over 40ft in height, a crane or lift is recommended for standing the pole.

To find the proper flag pole for your application, be sure to select a pole with the correct wind speed rating for your area of the country. (See wind speed chart below.) Choose flagpoles of your desired height that have the recommended wind speed rating for your area, or higher. This is really one of the most important aspects of your flagpole purchase. Buy flagpoles that are too weak for your area and a strong storm could bend or break them.

And, since buying flag poles can be intimidating, we are here to answer any questions you may have. Just click the chat icon at the bottom of this page (if our chat department is online) to ask us your flagpole questions. If we are not online at the time you are shopping, you can also call us at1-404-409-9737orsend us a message. We’ll answer your aluminum flagpole questions as quickly as possible.

So let's find the perfect commercial flagpole for you! Start by locating your area on the map below and decide what minimum wind speed rating your flag pole needs to have. Then, scroll up and find the pole that meets both your height and wind speed requirements. And by all means, let us know if we can help!

Commercial Flagpole Wind Speed Chart
Choose a flagpole rated at the recommended wind speed rating for your area of the country, or higher.


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Flag is beautiful. It was a Christmas gift for my son.

Good quality flag, made in USA

I expect it will hold up well. My only complaint is the expensive shipping costs.

Nice flag, just too big for my flagpole. My fault

MIA flag I ordered is excellent quality.
Exactly what I expected.

Good quality