January 25, 2020 2 min read

If you’re an up and coming brand that’s launching a product or service into the market, it’s important to have a solid strategy for marketing and to put yourself out there. For companies built on the notion of patriotism, having a strong identity will work in your favor.

There are several ways to go about putting yourself out there; it’s a lot more convenient in the age of social media when everything can be uploaded online. However, in addition to digital marketing, you can also try some of the following strategies:

Attend trade shows

Trade shows are the perfect opportunity for up and coming brands to make a market appearance. These are great for publicity for brands, allowing you to get relevant media coverage and publicity for your company. Attend shows and exhibitions and be sure to have a strong public identity that will draw attention to your name.

Localize your brand identity

We live in a globalized world, but this means you have the perfect chance to stand out as a home-grown brand. Americans have an unparalleled sense of pride and you can make use of our fierce dedication and determination to craft a reputation as a business that works for the community. Make sure to incorporate elements of American culture into your brand identity and people will be drawn to you over international companies that don’t know the culture as you do.

Get ambassadors on board

If you want to reach out to people, the best way is to do it through other people. Reach out to community leaders who inspire you, people who share the same strong views as you, who are committed to making the country a better place, and not afraid of raising their voice. Have them endorse your brand, product or service and connect with likeminded audiences through them!

Make your mark in the physical space you occupy

Give back to your community or make your mark in it. Host public events or get involved in community matters. For instance, encourage people to vote or support the troops by offering special discounts or offers. Don’t hesitate to show your commitment and patriotism and show them the power of being a truly American business. Invest in a commercial flagpole and put up a national flag for representation, but under it, put up acustom flag that represents your brand! It draws attention and brings in the right crowd.

Don’t lose hope if it takes time; even the best names didn’t take off overnight. The important thing is your dedication to making a difference to the nation through your work! Keep your head up and keep trying!

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