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Most of us grew up with our hands over our hearts, saying the pledge of allegiance while facing the American flag. We strive to be the best citizens we can be, so what do we do if we want to show our patriotism? There are several unique ways to display your flag—keep reading to learn more.

On Your Fence

We all love the idea of the American dream—kids running around, a lovable dog, and of course, the “white picket fence.” Why not take this to the next level by decorating your fence with a string of flags? You can easily create a flag garland, where small American flags are tied together and strung along the length of your fence. Although it is common to see this decoration during holidays like Memorials Day and Veteran’s Day, it’s also a simple way to display your patriotism all year long.

On Your Pillow  

This next idea utilizes not just form and decoration but function. Getting a flag embroidered pillow is a subtle way of expressing your love for America. Depending on the placement, this pillow can be put on display in your private bedroom or placed on your couch or in the guestroom for all visitors to appreciate. It’s up to you where you place it, but it’ll look fantastic no matter where it ends up.

As a Wreath

While this trend may be more popular around the holidays—I’m looking at you, Christmas—wreaths made of American flags are an excellent way to showcase your patriotism. It makes for a simple and easy decoration idea that’s bound to get the neighbors talking and, as such, perhaps solidify some relationships in the process.

America is the home of opportunity, so take advantage of these unique display ideas for your flags. At Federal Flags, we have many high-quality flags and flagpoles for sale to make this process easy. Soon enough, you’ll be the talk of the town!

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