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Have you ever wanted to know what America's most patriotic company is? There are quite a few options. While the list is long, we'll dive into an overview of three of America's most patriotic brands. We realize that patriotism is important. Most of these companies are paragons of entertainment, and all fly the flag high. Let's check out more below.

Companies Most Proud To Be American

Patriotism is a fundamental aspect of American culture, and many companies in the United States embrace this spirit in various ways. It has been identified that patriotic companies who wave the American flag with pride, the more consumer engagement they are able to drive.

By connecting on a particular emotional value like Patriotism, and associating it with their product or service, it creates a more personal touch-point for prospects.

In a new survey by Brand Keys, it revealed the top 50 most iconic American brands that were considered as most patriotic. With Jeep, Disney, Ford and Coca-Cola taking the top spots.

In this article, we will be evaluating the top 5 ranked America’s most patriotic brands and looking at which ones best embody the value of ‘Patriotism’. The numbers indicate movement in brand rank Y-O-Y.

Take a look!

#1 The Jeep (-)

The Jeep Van Cherokee has recently been named the most patriotic brand in America. The company can trace its roots as early as World War II. They even manufactured an automobile called the Wrangler and Gladiator Freedom Edition. The Freedom Edition has American Flags on its fenders. Furthermore, Jeep uses the sales and donates money to military charities for every car sold. Given all this evidence, it's clear that Jeep is one of America's most patriotic companies in our overview.

#2 The Disney Company (-)

When most people think of patriotism, they consider Disney the pinnacle of family fun American entertainment. The company pioneered the advent of animated films, especially for children. Disney World and DisneyLand are distinctive in that they are considered the top travel and entertainment destinations in the United States. Walt Disney is truly the face of our nation.

According to Smithsonian Magazine, Disney said Disneyland's grand opening was dedicated to "the ideals, the dreams, and the hard facts that have created America." It's clear Disney wanted his brand to become an American icon, and he's certainly succeeded. You can even see commercial flagpoles and flags in front of the Disneyland Resort. America is front and center at Disneyland, just as Walt intended.

#3 The Ford Motor Company (+2)

For many people, Ford is considered the most patriotic company in the US. The company’s recent response to the COVID pandemic and the fact that it employs more people in the US than any other automaker makes it a strong contender amongst patriotic companies. Their actions during COVID even attracted the attention of lawmakers, especially when they halted the production of their vehicles to manufacture gear for their first responders. Kumar Galhotra, who functions as the president of Ford's Americas and International Markets Group, is cited as saying the following:

"We pay the price for keeping such a significant portion of our manufacturing here in the US. But it is a choice because we believe in American workers and the value of a strong American manufacturing base."

#4 Coca-Cola (-)

Taking 4th place is the famous Coca-Cola brand and they are often associated with patriotism in the United States for several reasons. One being that they are a long-standing American icon that has been part of American culture for over a century and its long history and widespread popularity have made it a symbol of patriotism in America.

Coca-Cola has also been known for using patriotic imagery in its advertisements, including the American flag. This has bought a sense of nostalgia for American traditions and values.

Coca-Cola is very supportive of the U.S. Military forces by participating in various initiatives, including sending free Coca-Cola products to American soldiers overseas during wartime and partnering with veteran organizations.

Lastly, Coca-Cola have been sponsors for a variety of American events, like the Olympic games, Super Bowl, and NASCAR races.

#5 Levis Strauss (+2)

As an American clothing company, Levis Strauss has been closely associated with American culture and value due to many reasons. The brand has a long history in the U.S, making it one of the oldest clothing brands in the country and is known for its American heritage.

Levis Strauss also plays a significant role in American fashion, particularly American workwear and casual wear. The Levi’s jeans are considered as an iconic American product.

The brand has also promoted America’s values in various marketing campaigns and has highlighted their support for freedom, individualism and self-expression. Celebrating American culture and diversity in its advertising.

In short, American-made brands are here to stay. We have more than enough companies born and bred in America that show their patriotism in many ways.

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