Flagpole Buying Guide

How to choose the right flagpole

 A flag on your property is part of an identity statement. Choosing a flag motif comes easy. But finding the right flagpole may be a tad difficult. Here is an appraisal of all the different kinds of flagpoles available in the market.

A flagpole is usually manufactured according to the location they will be used at so you have commercial ones, residential ones and those that can be used indoors, like in municipal courtrooms, office reception areas or churches.

A commercial flagpole is of two kinds - a flex pole made with fiberglass or an extruded aluminum one with an external rope and cleat system for the lowering and raising the flag. The rope-and-cleat flagpole is one of the most common versions across the world.

The telescopic commercial flagpole sways in the wind and is very effective as an attention-getter at public events, in outdoor restaurants and outside business establishments. The flex flagpole comes in various colors and designs and can be used either with special commercial advertising flags or the Stars & Stripes.Stripes.Stripes.

For a good flagpole of the regular rope and cleat variety, choose the height and pole's strength carefully. The height of the flagpole must complement the buildings it will be surrounded by. You can consider the pole's strength according to a wind speed chart that a flag kit manufacturer can provide easily.

This kind of a flagpole can range in height from 20 to 70 feet. The cost can go fro $250 to $7,500. Rooftop flagpoles should not be too long and ground poles should not be too short. Before you buy a commercial flagpole ensure that it is in non-rusting metal.

You can also order a flagpole that has different brackets to allow flying the pole at various angles. There is the sectional flagpole that comes as sets of rods that slide into each other. These kind of flagpoles are easy to store. There is a locking system too so that the flag height and the pole height cannot be tampered with either.

You will find a mind-boggling range of flagpoles on the Internet offered with all kinds of discounts by manufacturers. When buying your flag kit via the Internet, verify the credentials of the manufacturer, check if they have a privacy policy and the payment gateway is secure.

You must also order your flagpole and flags from a manufacturer that gives some kind of guarantee for the product. If they have a return policy, ensure that you read it properly. Do not fall for freebie advertisements by hoax manufacturers. Some genuine flag-makers also offer free shipping on bulk purchases.

Sometimes, if you order a flagpole, the manufacturer may allow you to choose a flag for free. The range of flags can include motifs like greetings, quotations, sports teams, historical American ones or your own made-to-order flags with jazzy designs and creative patterns. Go ahead the, get yourself a flag and make an intellectual statement or support a cause!