Navy Flag

Flags are used for a variety of different purposes from informational to directional advertising to awareness or even for decorative purposes. Federal Flags leads the way as being the top online supplier of quality flags of every sort manufactured with the best in materials and using specialized printing techniques for perfect finishes. Flags are extensively used in the navy and military for signaling purposes and should you have arrived at our website looking for a navy flag or military flags we can satisfy your every need, including the international signaling flag sets that can be seen in this category on our website. Every navy flag has been manufactured with tough, durable materials to last in the most demanding conditions and you can choose an individual navy flag from the nautical ICOS flags or complete signaling nautical flag sets as indicated.

Federal Flags has a wide selection of standard flags to choose from and each of them can be ordered in different sizes by using the drop down box which will be found when you click on your preferences. A navy flag is used to identify different ships and signaling flags each have a different meaning allowing sailors to communicate different messages between ships. No doubt you have seen the old skull and crossbones flags on a pirate ship which is a good example of a navy flag. Navy boats will have signaling flags on board that can be used for emergency signaling purposes when a radio cannot be used and each sailor is taught the different meanings of each flag. A navy flag can also identify the type of ship as well.

Choose any of the different navy flag options we have in this category and when clicking on them you will see close-up images and ordering options. Each navy flag is supplied with the correct length rope lines with snaps and rings for mounting. After secure online payment options in your registered account we will ship your navy flag or complete set of signaling flags to your desired location. Federal Flags also offers you a service of custom flags made to order in the sizes of your preferences. If you want a navy flag for your yacht or ships then we can easily accommodate you with the highest quality at the best prices. We also have a choice of the best flagpoles on the market for all different mounting options and ropes for mounting of a navy flag.

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