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When choosing your residential flagpoles, one of the most important things to consider is height. How tall your flagpole is will not only affect the overall appearance but its sturdiness and effectiveness as a flagpole as well.

But the question is what will affect the final decision on height? Here are some factors that you need to look at:

Location Of Flagpole

If the residential flagpole is meant to be indoors, then obviously your height options will be very limited. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a flagpole that might literally go through the roof of your house. On the other hand, short residential flagpoles won’t look very good outdoors, especially if they’re on a parking lot or the front yard. Flagpoles placed on top of the roof, however, cannot be too tall.

Size Of The Premises

It’s not just about where you’ll be putting the residential flagpoles. It’s also about how big the area is. Flagpoles are best displayed in a way that they can be seen from most, if not all parts of a given area. If you’re living in a large compound, then obviously the residential flagpoles have to be taller than they need to be in smaller areas.

Angle Of The Flagpole

While you will need the flag to reach a certain height, the height of the flagpole itself will vary depending on how it’s going to be positioned. Note that a flagpole needs to be taller when mounted straight up to reach a certain height as opposed to one that’s positioned in an angle, especially if it’s mounted on a wall, and not the ground.

Size Of The Flag

Most residential flags are 3’x5’ or 4’x6’, and these are the sizes that are proportional to the average flagpole height. But there are flags that are bigger or smaller than these measurements. A disproportionate ration between flagpole height and actual flag size will definitely make things look awkward.

As a rule, the larger the flags are, the taller the residential flagpoles should be. You don’t really need actual measurements – a visual estimate is fine. But if you need a guide, most experts say that a really tall 90’ to 100’ flagpole would be just right for a flag that measures between 20’x38 to 30’x50’.

When it comes to residential flagpoles, the height will make a lot of difference. So take time to choose the right height following the guidelines above.

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