June 11, 2021 2 min read

Are you shopping around for the perfect flagpole? Or maybe you're looking to replace an old one. Flags allow us to showcase a part of our identity, whether it's pride in our country, state, or background. The perfect pole lets us fly that flag high. A telescoping flagpole may be exactly what you need, and there are various benefits of owning a telescoping flagpole.

What Is a Telescoping Flagpole?

This type of flagpole has collapsible tubes. When the pole is up, these tubes interlock to ensure the pole remains stable. If you want to remove the entire pole, you can, and there are no ropes or pullies involved.

What makes these flagpoles so great? They're easy to use, and you don't need to leave them up year-round. If you only want to keep your flagpole up during the spring and summer months, use a telescoping flagpole, as it will allow you to do just that! You won’t have to worry about a flagless pole sitting in your lawn for half the year.

How Do I Install It?

First, find the perfect spot in your yard. This location should be away from trees and on even ground. Whether you're buying a permanent or removable flagpole, you need to do this step to ensure the flag and pole are level.

Once you've found the perfect spot, dig out a hole in the lawn to give the flag a place to stand. The ideal location allows you to fly your flag high to show off your pride!

Why Are Telescoping Flagpoles Great?

This type of flagpole is a wonderful option for residents for various reasons. Some of the many benefits of owning a telescoping flagpole include:

  • It has a thick base.
  • It's durable.
  • You can fly two flags.

Telescoping flagpoles withstand high windspeeds. No matter where you live or what weather you face, you can fly your flag! Their removability allows you to fold up the flagpole and flag and move it around as desired. If you have a second home and want to fly your flag there, too, you can do so with ease.

As an added benefit, you can fly two flags with this type of flagpole! Show off your pride in your country and state or branch of the military. You can fly multiple flags to showcase your identity. If you're looking for a new flagpole, Federal Flags has residential flag poles for sale in various heights! Buy the perfect pole and flag to showcase your American pride!

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