August 30, 2022 2 min read

You can do many things to show how much you love our country. You can contribute to charities, volunteer for various programs related to the government, the list goes on. And one of the most popular ways to show patriotism is to display an American flag. But maybe you don’t have a flagpole. If so, what are some unique ways to display your flag without a flagpole? Read on to find out.

Drape It

While we have many commercial flag poles for sale that could likely fit your budget, there are other ways to hang your flag. One of the most popular ways is draping it over an object. You can drape it over the sofa, over a headboard, or on an end table. Just make sure you follow flag etiquette and don’t eat over it—you don’t want any crumbs to drop on the flag—or let it fall to the ground.

Pin It

Pin your flag on a wall with thumb tacks. Place it where people regularly traffic but make sure no one brushes against it so it can remain undisturbed on the wall. Remember, you want your flag to be in pristine condition. Be sure to hang it somewhere where it will be safe and not touch the ground.

Craft It

There are some impressive flags and flag products out here. Put on your crafty hat and think of some creative ways to display your flag without a flag pole. There are many ways to work with a flag to create something new while still being respectful. You can frame your flag or even make a wreath. Look online for different craft ideas and find one that best fits your style along with your patriotism.

In short, there are many ways to display your flag creatively. You have to figure out what’s best for you. Here at Federal Flags, we carry flags of all kinds, so you can determine how you want to let your flag fly! Shop Federal Flags today!

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