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Hey there, welcome to fun with flags!All US state flags are designed using different styles and principles. They exhibit a range of regional influences and embody native histories.

In this blog, we’ll be discussing five US state flags that stand out from the rest. Let’s get started:

5# Alaska

The Alaskan State flag can be described in three words: simple, original, and symbolic.

Seven yellow stars form The Big Dipper ("Ursa Major" constellation), symbolizing strength, and a big yellow star (the North Star) on the top right represents Alaska's northern location.

Similarly, the background characterizes the sky, sea, lakes, and wildflowers of Alaska.

4# Maryland

The design of the Maryland flag is captivating and mystifying at the same time. The flag contains the family crest of the Calvert and Crossland families.

The Maryland flag is full of state history. It contains symbolism that sought to unify the state’s citizenry following the Civil War.

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It’s rated high among vexillologists for its smart design and symbolism.

3# South Carolina

South Carolina is famous for its shoreline of subtropical beaches and marshy Sea Islands, and its flag represents that perfectly.

Boasting a white palmetto tree on an indigo field and a crescent on the background, the flag of South Carolina was adopted on January 28, 1861.

The crescent moon also symbolizes a crescent-shaped piece of armor that was worn across the throat—called a “gorget.”

The flag has a simple and beautiful design and is known as one of the most popular US state flags.

2# Texas

Adopted on January 25, 1839, the Texas flag consists of three colors: blue, red, and white.

The blue stands for loyalty, red for bravery, and white for purity. The single lone star represents unity in the fight for independence against Mexico.

The Lone Star flag shares similarities with the Chilean flag and often gets mistaken for it.

The flag makes a loud statement and uses someone else’s concept, making it a very American flag and worthy of runner up state flag in our list.

1# New Mexico

The flag of New Mexico is neat, elegant, and simple. Designed in 1920 by Harry P. Mera, the flag consists of a red sun symbol of the Zia. It was officially introduced in 1925.

The Zia Indians of New Mexico regarded the Sun as sacred. The flag has a red circle (denoting the Sun) with groups of rays pointing in four directions (the number four is also considered a sacred number).

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The yellow flag highlights the state's Native American Pueblo and Nuevo México Hispano roots.

The flag of New Mexico is a beautiful display of minimalism and simplicity and worthy of the number one state flag on the list.

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