December 22, 2022 2 min read

If you have a flag, you’ll want to fly it, but you might not know how to do so properly. There are many factors to consider, including placement, position, and environment. It’s not as complicated as it seems, but it requires forethought that most people overlook. If you want to hang your flag off the side of your house, you’ll have to keep the materials in mind. What do you do if you want to attach your flag bracket to vinyl siding? Read on below to learn how.

Get the Right Tools

You’ll need a power drill and screws for this task. You’ll also want a vinyl siding surface block for this purpose. The surface block protects the flag in a unique way. Ensure the screws are long enough to go through the vinyl block and reach the actual siding. After gathering the tools, you’ll be ready to attach a flag bracket to your home’s vinyl siding!

Vinyl Mounting Block

To install a bracket, screw it into a vinyl siding surface block. It’ll fit into the siding profile without the need to screw it into your siding directly. The latter isn’t ideal since your siding contracts and expands depending on the temperature. This can cause the flag to angle lower or higher than you want it to be, making it unmanageable. It may even collapse during winter or summer when contraction and expansion are more likely.

The Instructions

After screwing it into the vinyl siding surface block, use your power drill to create a larger hole than you need. This allows room for contracting and expanding to occur. Drill your holes a quarter to a half-inch deeper than the length of the screws. Insert screw anchors accordingly. Finally, screw the bracket in place and fly your flag high!

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