April 29, 2022 2 min read

If there were no flags, how would the world look? Would it be the same world we know today? Here, we imagine a dark world without flags.

The Fourth of July

The date is July 4. Millions of Americans don gray T-shirts. Today is just like any other day. Today there will be no red, white, and blue banners or desserts. Today the flag will not fly. Tonight, the sky will be dark. If this somber July sounds scary, it’s because it is. In the absence of a symbol to unite over, Americans would lose the meaning of theFourth of July. Without a flag to guide our celebration, we may not choose red, white, and blue fireworks. Lost Americans would not know how to celebrate Independence Day.

Flag Day

If you’ve noticed the flag flying high on June 14, this is the celebration of our country’s Flag Day. Flag Day celebrates the adoption of the United States flag on June 14, 1777. This holiday with national pride and flag parades disappears without a banner to celebrate, and Flag Day would simply be another day of the week in June. Celebrate this Flag Day with American-made flags and flag poles from Federal Flags.


Without the American flag, memorials for soldiers would look drastically different. Memorial Day is a federal holiday that allows Americans to properly honor those who have died while serving in the US armed forces. Memorial Day celebrations often place flags on soldiers’ graves to draw attention to their service. Without these flags, Memorial Day would look incredibly different. Without the flag to drape over the casket of a fallen soldier, how would we draw attention to their service? Families of fallen soldiers would not have a folded flag to commemorate the life and sacrifice of their fallen loved ones. Without flags, we would not correctly memorialize soldiers for their incredible gifts to our freedoms.

The Bottom Line

So what would the world look like if there were no flags? It’s hard to say exactly what we could expect in such a different world, but the truth is flags are an important part of the way we identify with our culture. Our flag is a remarkable red, white, and blue symbol that represents us and brings us together. Without the flag, our world would be a different place.

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