State Flag of California, History, and Where to Buy It

October 24, 2015 2 min read

The official state flag of California is a bear flag with a red star on the top left side. So what is the story behind this bear and where can you find it for your campaigns?


The first pre-cursor of the flag can be traced back to the Bear Flag Revolt which took place in the year 1846. The grizzly bear was used during the revolt of California Republic. The bear flag is the most notable and famous legacy of the California Republic. Designed by William L. Todd, it became a symbol of the California Flags.

The town in question was called Sonoma and the revolt was led by rebels who mostly consisted of murderers, thieves, and mostly drunks. The revolt was against the Mexican government where the protesters proclaimed California as a free independent and republic state.

The bear flag became the state flag of California, a strong symbol for an ever changing and diversified state. It has become a symbol that has been used for over a century now.

Grizzly Bears in California

The grizzly bear that appears on the state flag of California sadly is nowhere to be found in the state of California itself. You can however, find it on flags and campaign related accessories on Federal Flags website. The California Flags are available in 3 different sizes namely 3' x 5', 4' x 6' and 5' x 8' and prices start from $32 only. There are bulk discounts available in case you are feeling patriotic and want to buy in bulk for your friends and family members.

Here are some of the features and qualities of the flag that you can buy easily on Federal Flags online website:

  • The flag is made from premium quality nylon for indoor and outdoor use
  • It matches the official design of the state flag of California
  • It is suitable for residential, commercial, or government use
  • It contains solid brass grommets for hanging the flags
  • The flag has been crafted from SolarMax from Dupont Nylon
  • The nylon used in the manufacturing process is one of the best available in the market today
  • The ink used in the flag is fade resistant, made from deep dye for best results
  • It is resistant to fraying as it is made by quadruple stitched fly end for maximum resistance

As it is the official flag of the state of California available on Federal Flags, it features a grizzly bear moving in the left direction, a red star on the top left corner, and a red stripe at the bottom. Federal Flags has done a great job of manufacturing this flag using top quality materials and state of the art stitching. The flag is 100% made in the USA with no part of it outsourced. The colors are sharp, deep, and rich.

Federal flags is the official site selling federal flags for the United States of America. The flags are well designed, made from top quality materials, using authentic colors and designs, built-to last long and guarantees customer satisfaction.

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