July 20, 2020 3 min read

Are you or your company interested in buying a flagpole? If so, there are many things to consider. To learn about the top tips for choosing a flagpole, read this guide.

Read the guidelines for your city and/or workplace.

Before you start looking into different types of flagpoles, it is important to know if your company or city has specific guidelines. For instance, a company may not allow flagpoles outside unless it is a national holiday. Similarly, a school may not allow a flagpole in the cafeteria. There may be rules regarding the height of a flagpole or the fabric used to make the flag. If your workplace does not have a flag and you would like one, ask the manager about flag policies. Knowing the rules will prevent you from spending money on a flagpole that is not allowed.

Decide on a budget.

Knowing your desired budget will help you narrow down your flagpole choices. If you do not have a flag, you should decide on a budget for both the flag and the flagpole. Remember that your budget depends on the height of your flagpole as well as the size and material of your flag. If you have a low budget, you will want to buy a short flagpole and a smaller and/or thinner flag. Flagpoles can cost anywhere from under $100 to over $5,000. Flags can cost anywhere from under $20 to over $2,000.

Pick out your flagpole location and flagpole type.

There are many places where you can put a flag. Perhaps your company wants a flag in the workplace lobby. In this case, you might hang a flag by the top of the door. If your city wants everyone to show off a flag during election month, they might put flags in front of every house. Some schools want flags outside. The desired location for your flag will determine the type of flagpole you will want to purchase. The types of flags include commercial flagpoles, residential flagpoles, indoor flagpoles, and solar flagpoles.

Choose the height of your flagpole.

By knowing the location of your flag, you will be able to determine the height of your flagpole. For instance, if you are looking for a classroom flag at an elementary school, you might want a short flagpole. That way, shorter students will be able to see the flag. If you want a flag in front of a tall business building, you will want a taller flag so that employees on higher floors can see the flag.

Choose the type of fabric for your flag.

Flags come in different fabrics including nylon and heavy polyester. If your flagpole will be outside in a windy city every day, you will want a durable fabric. You can find the right size, weight, and type of fabric by looking at the wind speed chart. If you only plan on using a flag in a classroom, you will not need a high-quality fabric. A nylon flag will be just fine. If your weather changes constantly, you might want to buy a few flags with different fabric sizes and materials.

Those are the top tips for choosing a flagpole. We hope you will find that our flagpoles exceed your expectations. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us today.

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