United We Stand: What You Can Do for the Veterans of Our Country

July 22, 2019 2 min read

One thing we can all agree on is that our soldiers are the backbone of our country. Without them, we would cease to exist. After all, they’ve given up their tomorrow for our today.

Showing a little appreciation for our brave servicemen and women can go a long way in conveying our thanks for their sacrifices.

But that’s where the problem lies. How do we show them what they mean to us? How can we show them the value they hold in our hearts?

Spend a Day with a Veteran

Knowledge is power. And we firmly believe that the best way to show appreciation for veterans is to spend a day with one. Get to know them and their life. Get to know their beliefs, values, and the person they are.

There are plenty of veterans that are old and disabled. Perhaps you can spend the day with them and get to know what life was like for them during service. After all, they’ve made great sacrifices for our country.

Adopt and Train a Therapy Dog

You can adopt and train a therapy dog. This is one of the best gestures to show your gratitude. As mentioned earlier, a lot of veterans are disabled and gifting them a therapy dog can help make things easier.

Statistics show that 11–20 percent of veterans struggle with PTSD. If you don’t want to adopt an adult dog, you can adopt a puppy and volunteer at a training institute.

Volunteer at an Organization

There are plenty of organizations and programs that focus on giving back to veterans. It’s not necessary that you need to volunteer at several organizations. You can pick an organization that fits your requirements.

With more than 45,000 non-profit organizations in the U.S., there are plenty of options to choose from.


Pay for Their Meals

Next time you see a veteran at a restaurant or a café, you can offer to pay for their meal or coffee. This is a small gesture, but we guarantee it’ll make a huge difference. It’ll mean a lot to them!

Even telling them, “Thank you for your services!” will show them just how valued and appreciated they are. If you want to go above and beyond coffee or meals, you can offer to pay for fuel, prescriptions, and even groceries.

Purchase a Flag from Federal Flags

Last but not least, you can purchase a flag from us and gift it to a veteran you know. Write them a letter or give them a card with the flag. It’ll show just how much you appreciate them!

All our flags are made from 100 percent nylon and polyester. Feel free to contact us if you’ve got questions or queries. We offer free shipping for orders over $75!



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