30 ft. Commercial Flagpole with External Rope Halyard Rated At 104 mph

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The four weeks delay in delivery was I assume for a background check? It's very simple to obtain the location of erection and as applicable nonprofit government, business or personal reasons. Facilitating crime is enormous! Introduce this concept in the industry for postmasters with photo ID labs Nationwide. Provide data plates attached mandatory!

Steve Godino
Top notch product and customer service

I just wanted to let you know that the pole arrived yesterday and we erected it today. I’d like to thank you for the constant communication throughout this process. I know the delays were out of your hands but you were wonderful about contacting the vendor and hearing my concerns. The pole is perfect and it’s made a huge impact on my neighborhood. Many of my neighbors are veterans and several have already come by to comment and express their appreciation for such a beautiful pole.

This flag is one that we flew over one of my construction projects on the Oregon coast. It was originally 10x20 but took a beating in the 70+ mph winter winds. It was repaired by a local flag maker and I adopted it. It will now fly proudly over my property on the most special of occasions. And your pole will support it. I have a 5x8 that will be on display daily.

Thank you again. I couldn’t be happier. I’ll certainly send anyone I can your way.

God Bless America…

Steve Godino
Canby, Oregon USA

Noel McLaughlin

Armando is the “Best”! She provided great service! In fact it was a pleasure buying from Federal Flags! I have purchased two flag poles in the past 8 months and I can say it has been a pleasure dealing with your company. Amanda’s is a great asset to your customer service department.

Jeanne Brown
He LOVES it!

I purchased this as a surprise Christmas gift for my husband. After weeks of looking locally I could not find what I thought was the "perfect flagpole". I finally resorted to looking online and chose a 30' from Federal Flags with hopes that it would be the one. I then had some doubts it was the right choice. After a few emails with their wonderful staff I decided it was the right choice. It arrived in excellent condition, protectively wrapped. Obviously I had to give it to him when it arrived and he could not wait to get it put up. Best gift ever! If you're having any doubts, DON'T, you will not be disappointed.

Ben Brecht

This is the second pole i have purchased from them , great packaging and quality pole

30 ft. Commercial Flagpole with External Rope Halyard Rated At 104 mph

  • Commercial Grade Tapered Aluminum Flagpole
  • Won't rust or corrode
  • External Rope Halyard and Cleat
  • Comes complete with all necessary hardware
  • Consult wind speed chart below to verify recommended wind speed rating for your part of the country
  • See complete specifications below
  • Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed

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A commercial aluminum flagpole made from the highest quality materials available.
This flagpole is affordable and very well made.

Ideal For: Each pole comes standard with:
  • Office Buildings
  • Schools
  • Car Dealerships
  • Government Buildings
  • Cemeteries
  • Restaurants
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Airports
  • Any Other Commercial Location
  • Gold anodized ball ornament
  • Cast aluminum, revolving truck with single pulley
  • Solid braided polypropylene halyard (rope)
  • Cast aluminum cleat with mounting screws
  • Metal flag snaps
  • Spun Aluminum Flash Collar
  • Galvanized steel ground sleeve with grounding rod
  • Installation Instructions
Exposed Height
Recommended Flag Size
5' x 8'
Maximum Unflagged Wind Speed
104 mph
Maximum Flagged Wind Speed
85 mph
Overall Length
Butt Diameter
Top Diameter
Wall Thickness

Wind Speed Chart for the United States

Find your area of the country and note its wind speed rating. Choose a flagpole that meets or exceeds this rating. When in doubt, always go with the higher wind speed rating.

The map above shows the maximum steady wind expected at an elevation of thirty feet above ground level within a fifty-year period of recurrence. Areas with the same maximum constant or steady wind speed are indicated. Because wind speeds are usually not constant, and gusts are involved, flagpoles ( both flagged and un-flagged) are listed in this catalog with a constant wind speed and a 1.3 gust factor.

WARNING: Recommended flag sizes throughout our site do not represent a warranty that the flag size shown may be safely flown in all wind speeds. Personal injury, flagpole damage or property damage can occur when flying over-sized flags and banners or flying flags in higher winds than recommended.

Flagpoles and their associated wind speeds listed assume that ten percent of the overall length of the flagpole is buried per our recommendations at or near ground level. Special engineering may be required for other applications such as wall or roof mounted flagpoles. Contact us for a prompt response regarding any situation that may require special engineering.