3 Festive Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July

July 12, 2019 2 min read

When it comes to 4th of July celebrations, we all want to get in on the festivities held all across the country. Noting brings the nation together as this federal holiday as everyone gathers to commemorate the historic events of 1776.

Want to do something different this year? We’ve got a few ideas for you.

Attend Free-Entrance Events

The best part about 4th of July celebrations is that you’ll find numerous events that don’t require you to blow up your budget. There’re plenty of Independence Day celebrations held all across the country, and you’re very likely to find something fun, interesting, and ticket-free in your neighborhood.

For instance, instead of spending a fortune on at-home fireworks, why not attend a firework display being held in your locality? 4th of July parades are another great way to participate in the festivities while saving some cash. Just dress up in red, blue, and white, get your flags, and enjoy the spectacular show!

Play Some Sports

Sports and patriotism go hand in hand, and participating in a ballgame this 4th of July is a great way to dwell into the day’s festivities! Indulge in a game of the American pastime with your friends and family by organizing a match at your local park. Split the players into teams Red and Blue to keep up with the national colors, and prepare for some friendly competition.

If baseball isn’t your thing, then you can always arrange for a volleyball, basketball, or badminton game. Or get creative and invent your own game for the occasion! To make the day more special, get a small trophy from your local store for the winning team, and end the sports activity with a round of refreshments.

Host a Themed Party

Love parties? Host one this Fourth of July!

You don’t need fancy arrangements or an extensive guest list to have some fun. A small gathering of friends, neighbors, and family is enough to keep the party going. This is also your chance to try out all those recipes you’ve been saving and impress your guests with some amazing food.

If cooking isn’t your forte and you want to move beyond the grilled burgers and hotdogs, then a one-dish party is great for the occasion. Have your friends bring in a dish each and have a friendly cook-off. Food, games, décor, and a whole lot of energy are all you need for an Independence Day party!

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