Custom Car Dealer Flags Drive Traffic To Your Dealership

October 24, 2015 2 min read

For a car dealer, catching the eye of potential buyers as they pass by is crucial to the success of their businesses. It’s not enough to just display cars in a showroom or on a dealer lot. Additional color and motion are necessary to get people to take notice.

For automotive dealers, reaching a certain sales milestones every month is very important. With the use of dealer flags, you can turbo boost your sales by an incredible margin. There are several types of flags available and here are some of the top selling flags.

Light Pole Banners

These banners are vertical in orientation and made of durable vinyl which will withstand the elements. The banners are hung on light poles around the lot, and send your message to every potential buyer who passes buy - letting them know about the cars you have on offer and any other promotional messages you want to convey.

The inks used in printing these banners will not fade, giving you a product that you can use time and time again. The messages are unique and you decide on what artwork you would have for the banners; you can also get some professional advice on what designs will easily catch the attention of your target customers.

Feather or Sail Banners

These are unique car dealer flags that are one of the hottest types of advertising flags right now. The design is unique and tends to stand out more than the traditional flags. They have a portrait design which allows you to display text and images with room to spare. Made of durable tear-resistant polyester, these flags do make a memorable impression. You can advertise the car brands that you have or any sale offers that you may be running.

Outdoor Flags

If you want to stick to the tradition, you can go for outdoor car dealer flags which will flutter enticingly at the front of your dealership. These flags are made of durable nylon, allowing them to blow in the wind for many months without fraying. The material absorbs the ink very well, and it is fade resistant. Outdoor flags are especially useful for branding purposes, where you can print your company logo, or the logos of the flagship brands that you stock.

Car Flags

These are unique flags that allow you to mark the vehicle in the lot, so they can be easily identified by the potential buyers. These are miniature flags, which are mounted on a small plastic stand which you attach to the window of the car. When customers walk onto the lot, looking for a certain brand, they can skim their eyes over the roofs of the cars, and see those that have a flag marking them. This way, the customers can easily go through the parking lot, viewing only the brands they are interested in.

Custom car dealer flags are valuable assets for any car dealership, and it is always advisable to use the best designs possible. You need flags that are long-lasting and those that will stay in solid condition for a long time.

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