Five Simple Steps to Installing a Residential Flagpole

May 09, 2016 2 min read

Want to put up a residential flagpole in front of your home or backyard? The process is unfamiliar to most homeowners but the steps are actually quite simple. Most of the tools you’ll need are so common that you might even already have them in your own tool shed. If not, you can get the stuff at any hardware store. More importantly, you can do this yourself.

  • Dig a Hole. Once you’ve found the right spot for your flagpole, dig a hole where you’ll be setting up your foundation. Note: Some states regulate hole digging, which means that you have to call the proper agency first before you dig any holes. This applies even if the soil you’re digging is your private property.
  • Set the Pole Sleeve. Take a sono tube – this will be your residential flagpole sleeve. Level it to fit the hole, securely place the tube inside the hole. To make this work, make sure that the sides of the hole are plumb. The tube should be in the center of the hole. Pour in the concrete foundation.
  • Take out the residential flagpole. When the foundation is cemented in place, it’s time to unwrap the flagpole hardware and mount it on top of the foundation. Not all flagpoles are made similarly, so you’ll want to follow the specific instructions that come with the flagpoles.
  • Attach the Rope. Thread the rope through the flagpole truck and tie the two ends together. This part of the process may vary because some residential flagpoles have special ways of locking the rope on place. You’ll know if you’ve installed it properly if the rope moves freely and doesn’t fall off when you raise the flag.
  • Raise the flag! At this point, all you have to do is to just raise your flag up the residential flagpole. And you’re done!

As to the depth, the rule of thumb has always been 1 cubic foot of hole for every 10 feet of pole. So if your residential flagpole is about 30 feet tall, then you have to have a hole that’s 3 feet deep and 3 feet wide. Also, when digging, make sure you set aside large stones – you need make the space for the foundation.

Note: Leveling both the sono tube as well as the hole is crucial in this step because any unevenness will cause the flagpole to tip in the later part of the installation. The sono tube is supposed to support the pole so that it remains standing up straight.



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Nice pole

The one piece pole is great. Should last. The freight company was the only thing that sucked on this purchase

Great product

We ordered the 25ft commercial sectional flagpole and light topper for our lake association. The product arrived quickly and was packaged so as not to be damaged in transit. We followed the directions and the flag was being raised in no time!!! I would definitely recommend this flagpole, and solar light is REALLY bright!!!

Our pole didn’t come with a external halyard rope.

High-quality flagpole, outstanding customer service

This is a strong, beautiful flagpole. As another reviewer advised, do not underestimate the manpower needed to hoist this flagpole. Four strong persons are needed, and more would be better. The instructions for the foundation are well-written. I used approximately 1.5 cubic yards of concrete.
For reference of the pole:flag ratio, the 35' pole pictured here has (1) 5'x8' flag, and (2) 4'x6' flags, spaced 6" apart.

Large Flag and Pole

Still waiting for delivery. This flag pole has been paid in full and no
site of flag pole or flag.
We did receive the Eagle, but nothing else.
Not happy.
Was over 4000.00.

Where is our flag and flag pole?
I have called 2 times and each time they said it should be here at the
end of each week and that was 3 weeks ago.

Stan & Susan Vessey