December 24, 2019 2 min read

Part of the American dream is to have a home of your own. The sense of pride and joy is equally strong when other fellow Americans join the home-owning citizens club! You get to see your friends and family enjoy a fresh start and make a place their home, achieving dreams and goals that they might have had for a while.

As a supportive loved one you can help them settle into their new place by giving them housewarming gifts that will benefit them and remind them of the things that truly matter. You can give them practical objects and share sentimental and decorative pieces that remind them each day that they are lucky residents of this great nation and have made it this far. After all, you know them best, but if you’re struggling, here are some ideas to try:


There’s never any going wrong with wine. A bottle of great wine can be enjoyed at the event too, or be saved for a special occasion by the host. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars, but if it’s a dear one, you can splurge a little, right? If it’s for a buddy, a few people can come together and buy a bottle.

Reminders of home

Home is where the heart is and if they’ve had to move states to their new place, a thoughtful reminder of home could be a state flag. Welcome them to your state or order a flag of the state they grew up in. It’s a gesture that will have them feel at home in their new home, while being able to hold on to the old.

Kitchen goods and home decor

Any new homeowner could benefit from sharing the load of investing in kitchen appliances and accessories.

If you’d rather get home décor instead, you can always buy small paintings, decoration pieces like some lovely indoor flags that they can put up inside their house so they can have a constant reminder of their love and pride for the country. This is especially great if it’s their first home—because they might not be able to afford extras like décor just yet.

Outdoor décor

If they have some space outdoors, like a front or backyard, you can also buy a national or state flag that they can put up outside. You can buy flags and flagpoles from our flag store and maybe even get them something customized!


A small but symbolic gift to give is a keychain. These might seem too small and trivial for a housewarming present, but imagine what it represents; a fresh start, a new place, a piece of you they carry everywhere with them!

Don’t stress about giving the perfect present. It’s the thought that counts! Remember to offer help and support too, because moving to a new place whether it’s across the country, or a couple of blocks down, can be tough on anyone!

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