Raise 'Em Up Right!

September 21, 2015 2 min read

Nothing helps instill a spirit of patriotism and a love of this great nation like the act of raising a flag pole and then hoisting the American flag. And that's exactly what boy scout troops around the country are doing. 

"Lately, we've had a number of orders for commercial aluminum flagpoles being purchased by boy scout troops." said Chris Mitchell, of FederalFlags.com. "A project like this accomplishes a number of very beneficial things." said Mitchell. "Kids learn a little about patriotism, a little about the physics of installing a flagpole and they get a tremendous feeling of accomplishment."

And how, you might ask, are these troops affording commercial aluminum flagpoles? They do fund raisers. And when it comes to raising funds, knowing that a public space will receive a beautiful aluminum flagpole with a life expectancy of many decades, many people are willing to donate. 

"Here's how it has gone recently." Mr. Mitchell explained. "Parents call in and say, 'My son is in the boy scouts and has decided to do a fund raiser to purchase a flagpole.' We give them a delivered price and any assistance they may need. Then they go away. And lo, a few weeks or months later, they're back, ready to purchase their pole. It's pretty impressive."

So if your children are involved in the scouts and want to do something will real impact that will last, perhaps even until they have children of their own, a commercial aluminum flagpole is hard to beat. There's almost nothing that can provides as much long last bang for the buck. 

And aluminum flagpoles are easy to maintain (in fact, very little needs to be done). The only parts that tend to wear out over time are the halyard and the flag. Both can be inexpensively and easily replaced any time they need it.

So hats off to those boy scout troops who have undertaken this type of project. We're proud of you!

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