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If you do not know about the parts of the U.S. flag, you might have trouble showing and understanding patriotism for the United States of America. Understanding the parts of the U.S. flag will help you gain an appreciation for the country and its history. Read this guide to learn about the parts of the U.S. flag.

Parts on the front of the flag

The front of the U.S. flag contains three main features: stars, stripes, and a blue field. The colors and designs represent justice, strength, purity, and courage. Continue reading to learn more about all the parts and what they represent.


The U.S. flag was preceded by the Grand Union Flag, which contained a blue field in the upper left corner of the design. This box was called the union, also known as the canton. The U.S. flag currently features the union in the same spot. The union represents an independent country. Its blue color represents justice. The union is always located at the top to symbolize the nation’s strength.


In 1776, the union on the U.S. flag included 13 stars shaped in a circle. These stars represented the 13 original colonies. Currently, there are 50 white stars scattered in the union. These stars symbolize the 50 states in the U.S. They are located in the union to signify that the states are all part of one nation.


The background of the flag contains 13 horizontal stripes that alternate between red and white. These stripes symbolize the 13 original colonies in the U.S. The red and white colors represent purity and courage.

Now that you understand the parts of the U.S. flag, you know what Americans honor on national holidays. At Federal Flags, you can find American flags and flag poles on sale. If you are looking for a U.S. flag for a great price, give us a call today.

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