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A country's flag often represents perseverance, patriotism, justice, or even freedom; in some countries, it's a mixture of several. Why is the flag important to American culture? Because it represents our Union and the rebellion our Founding Fathers fought in to get us freedom.

Historical Factors

Various historical factors influence why the flag is important to American culture. In 1765, just after the Stamp Act, the Sons of Liberty flew a flag similar to the one we see today during protests. When things became explosive within the Colonies during the fight for independence, George Washington stepped forward and led a group of volunteer troops just outside of Boston. He took two flags.

Early Versions of the Flag

During the revolution, various flags represented the Colonies, as well as the two Washington had when he led his first group of troops in 1775:

  • One had 13 red and white stripes, but the upper left corner had the "Kings Colors".
  • The second flag was completely blue with 13 stars on it.

It wasn't until June 14th, 1777, that the early flag consisting of 13 stripes and stars was recognized; although, the stars were in five rows that alternated between three and two stars. These stars had six points rather than the five like we know today.

While the flag underwent various changes throughout the years, each time a state joined the Union, stripes and stars were added. In 1818, after the War of 1812, Congress updated the Flag Acts—declaring there would only be 13 stripes to represent the original Colonies who fought for our freedom while the stars would represent additional states.


The American flag represents freedom and dignity; something many have fought for throughout our country's history. It stands for what our Founding Fathers fought for during a time of injustice. Knowing what the Colonies fought for influences how Americans see the flag today, since it represents:

  • Life
  • Liberty
  • The Pursuit of Happiness


This represents the right all people have to exist and flourish as they live and die. Simply put, it means the right to exist as a human being.


Liberty is the right many think of when we see the flag—the right to choose your destiny. The Founding Fathers rebelled because of their lack of free choice, and without Liberty, we have no freedom.

Pursuit of Happiness

Just like everyone have the freedom to live and decide on their destiny, they have the right to pursue what makes them happy.

The American flag means something different to all citizens, although many can agree it represents fighting for liberty. Many historical factors influenced this belief. Buy American flags from Federal Flags for high-quality flags made in the USA and show off your patriotism!

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