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Very Happy

Looked around a lot before I settled on this one. So glad I did. The black anodized is very nice and takes away from the commercial look. The aluminum is thick and rigid and the sections fit together nicely. Had one hiccup but the great customer service solved it very fast. Love my new flag flyer

More than you average Flag Pole

Let me start this off by saying, I looked at flag poles for a month before I decided to buy. I looked at the big warehouse stores, home improvement chains, and I even considered building my own from materials from the local metal store. I live in Eastern New Mexico, and our standard day breeze is anywhere from nothing to 25 mph, gust reaching upwards of 70mph. After reading thousands of reviews and looking at pictures and debating on a single section, or a multi-section pole, or breaking down and figuring out how to reinforce a "cheap sectional pole" that you can get from any of the big chain stores or online mass retailer. Those range from 99 bucks to a couple hundred. Most of the pictures showed a great looking pole, but they have a major flaw, sidewall thickness. They are good for places that get the occasional light gust, but they wouldn’t stand a chance against NM wind. After deciding on the sectional commercial grade 20ft pole, I was still skeptical about it until it showed up.
Packing was great, couple of small holes in the box but they were nothing to worry about. After flying through the instructions that are very well laid out, I inspected the sections. Thick and sturdy, very well tapered to fit together nicely. I used a 12” concrete for cut at 2’3”, 3 ½“s of pea gravel in the bottom 2 layers of blue painters tape on the bottom of the sleeve, and 160lbs of concrete mix. Leveling the sleeve while the concrete was going in. The sand in the sleeve holds the base sturdy. Standard home maintenance skills will suffice for the install. The only tip I can give to go with the instructions is to use 2 blue painters tape to put on the slip joint t snug up the fit just a little. My neighbors are all envious and have asked where I got it. Believe me I told them. And any other flag pole that I purchase in the future will come from Federal. 4x6 and 3x4 1/2 flags flying.

New Flagpole and flag

Thanks for the flag and pole. It looks great and I'm anxious to get it installed. It looks and feels a lot more sturdy than the last one that was destroyed in a wind storm. I'll let you know how we do.

Great products!

The 20' flag pole, base plate and flag are top notch products...MADE IN AMERICA! I am extremely pleased with the pole and wonderful service will certainly buy from this Federal Flags in the future Looking forward to purchasing military flags very soon.


Flag pole is is really well built and easy to put together. I am happy with my purchase.

20 ft. Commercial Grade Sectional Aluminum Flagpole

  • 3-piece sectional commercial grade aluminum flagpole
  • Includes all necessary hardware
  • Easy installation
  • Sectional seams are very clean and barely noticeable
  • Free UPS ground shipping included
  • Complete product details below
  • 3x5ft American Flag and Flash Collar sold separately

Commercial grade, 3 section, 20ft aluminum flagpole. Comes with all needed hardware and installation instructions. Can easily be installed with common tools and materials. Professional installation not needed.


  • Gold anodized aluminum ball ornament
  • Cast aluminum stationary truck w/pulley
  • Solid braided polypropylene halyard
  • Cast aluminum cleat with mounting screws
  • Nylon flag snaps
  • PVC foundation sleeve
  • Easy to follow installation instructions

What you'll need to install your flagpole(all materials available from Home Depot or Lowe's, or other hardware stores.)

  • Concrete (1-2, bags)
  • Gravel (one bag)
  • Wooden shims or wedges (4)
  • Post hole digger
  • Mixing bin for concrete
  • Standard shovel (for mixing and transferring concrete)
  • Plumb bob to visually plumb your pole

Approximate time needed to install your flagpole

Less than two hours


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MIA/coast guard flag

both flags were as stated, sewing stiches neat clean, tight, stright. both flaf look great

Very Satisfied

The purchase and delivery went as expected with no surprises. The believery company was very helpful and the communication was excellent. The pole came in about two weeks. The install was not complicated. I would recommend a 5 by 8 flag.

Awesome Flag gift

Flag looks amazing. Easy to install. Very pleased with the end result