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We all know and recognize the magnificent bald eagle; it’s present on flags, coins and paper currency, and at official institutes and offices—it’s a bird that soars well above all the other state birds, taking on the role of the official bird for the U.S.A.

Have you ever wondered why this is the bird that was chosen among hundreds of thousands of others? Why is the bald eagle the most popular symbol of the United States? It might surprise you to know that the eagle has played an important part in military and civil affairs for eons, across the world. This is why when it was introduced in 1782 as the official symbol of the U.S. it was very readily accepted.

It’s seen as a symbol of authority, of power, of might—so what could be better? Some of the biggest reasons for choosing the bald eagle also include:

1. They’re incredible creatures

The bald eagle has a wingspan of up to 7 feet and flies up to 30 ph, and dives at 100 mph. They also have two centers of focus that allow them to see sideways and forward. That ferocious speed, and when coupled with their incredible vision and strength, it makes for a predator nobody should be messing with. They are also fiercely protective and defend their vulnerable young against other predators who may attack them.

2. They’re unique to the U.S.

There are various species of eagles found across the world, but what makes the bald eagle in particular so special is that this species is native and unique to the United States. You won’t find it anywhere else in the world, which is what makes it perfect to represent this unique nation too. We don’t need to borrow symbols—we’ve been blessed with our own.

3. They’re living proof of resilience

These eagles were declared endangered in the 1970s, almost to a dangerous extent. However, through heavy conservation efforts and attempts, the bald eagle species were rescued and eventually, in 2007, the mighty bird soared off the Federal Endangered Species List. It was a remarkable comeback, showing us in the very literal and metaphorical sense how resilient this bird truly is.

4. They’re adaptable

Not only are they strong, resilient and incredibly powerful, they’re also adaptable. They build nests that house them for years on end, they can float in an almost boat-like fashion when hunting for fish. These birds dominate land, air and sea as a result of their incredible abilities.

Is there any creature more agile, more powerful, and fit to be the national emblem? We think not! That’s why we offer eagle ornaments for flagpoles with the United States flags we have on sale and much more at our online U.S. flag store.

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