Going Spring Boating? Take a Look at the Top Nautical Flags

May 13, 2019 2 min read

It’s finally springtime, and it’s time to get those boats out! This time of the year is ideal for accessorizing your boats with nautical flags that portray your personal style.

In historical times, nautical flags were used as a method of communication among comrades during military tensions. This simple communication method eventually evolved over the years and became known worldwide, and was used for both, military and non-military purposes. These flags began to be used for leisure purposes as well as a means of communication with other vessels.

Here a few flags that would be ideal for your spring boating session:

‘D’ Signal Flag

This flag warns fellow boaters that they need to be clear of you as you are struggling to maneuver. If you are new to boating, this would be essential for you as you may require the extra clearance to boat hassle-free. This will also protect you for bumping into other boats and others will understand why you need clearance. This flag typically reads ‘’Keep clear of me; I am maneuvering with difficulty.’’ So make sure you get this to get the most out of your spring boating session, and make it stress-free!


This flag reads "I am disabled, communicate with me", and we suggest you use this for your spring boating session if you have a disability. These can also be used for emergencies on board and when you need further assistance from fellow boaters. An example of such an emergency could be falling ill or getting injured; it’s always better to be safe than sorry!


Diver Down Flag

This is a crucial warning flag. Also called a scuba flag, it’s an important flag for you especially if you’re a diver. It’s recognized internationally, and it warns all fellow boaters to stay away from the area where you will possibly dive. It’s absolutely essential for your safety as a diver.

There are two flags that are typically used for this purpose—the international flag, which is white and blue, and the North American one, which is red with white stripes. 

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