September 24, 2020 2 min read

As a patriotic parent, it’s only fair to assume that you’d want to raise patriotic children. Although you may want to, you probably shouldn’t overwhelm your kids with American history if they’re young. Instead, you should ease them into history and teach them the highlights. In addition to our great nation’s history, however, there are some easier things you can do to expose your kids to the idea of patriotism. If you’d like to learn how parents can teach their children about patriotism, we’ve got you covered in our guide below.

Teach Them About Freedom in Their Terms

Children who grew up in the United States don’t know any different ways of life. An imperative fact about being American is our freedom. Depending on your kids’ age, they may not understand the idea of freedom and what that means. You can easily explain freedom in their language by telling them they can choose what book they want to read, video game to play, or toy to play with.

Show Them What To Do During the National Anthem

We see it all the time at sporting events—kids in the stands wearing their hats and looking at their phones during the National Anthem. Of course, we can’t blame the children because they don’t know any different, nor do they know what the National Anthem means. You should teach your children the fundamentals of how to act during the National Anthem, such as removing their hat, placing their right hand over their heart, and singing along.

Practice the Pledge of Allegiance With Them

Similar to the National Anthem, patriotic children should also be familiar with the Pledge of Allegiance. While the words and meaning are different, the etiquette remains the same. Stand, remove your hat, place your right hand over your heart, and verbally recite the pledge. In fact, the Pledge of Allegiance is one of the first patriotic things many kids learn in school, but it’s best to practice at home too.

If your family is patriotic, there’s no question that your children should follow your example. By learning how to teach kids about patriotism, your children will certainly make you proud. That said, you should have a patriotic home and practice patriotism regularly.

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