Examples of Patriotism Parents Should Teach Their Kids

August 22, 2019 2 min read

Gorgeous landscapes, beautiful seascapes, an abundance of flora and fauna, the freedom of speech, religion, beliefs—the U.S. is one of the greatest countries in the world. 

There are so many things the U.S. has to offer and there’s no shortage of reasons why we should celebrate being Americans.

As proud Americans, we want to instill the same sense of love and pride we have for our nation in our kids. After all, our kids will be the leaders of tomorrow. And there’s no better time to teach your child about patriotism then now.

Here’s what you can do:

Give Them a Fun History Lesson

Create a short presentation of the history of the U.S. and make learning a fun process! Kids love seeing the big picture and most kids are visual learners.

If your child learns through examples, showing them a video or presentation is a great way to teach them about the U.S.

You can also quiz them after the presentation is over and test their knowledge.

Another thing you can do is create an easy-to-understand story. You can act out characters and dramatize the plot. Get creative and make it fun. But remember, you shouldn’t change facts.

Get Them a Book on U.S. History

If your child loves books, you can make bedtime stories and reading time fun. Get them a book on U.S. history to help them learn more about what our forefathers stood for, and for our country stands for.

We recommend When Washington Crossed the Delaware by Lynne Cheney and The Unbreakable Code by Sarah Hoagland.

This will develop their reading skills and it’s also the perfect opportunity to spend more time with your little one.

Help Them Understand the Pledge of Allegiance

Unfortunately, kids are taught to memorize the Pledge of Allegiance but they don’t understand its importance. Teach your child about what the pledge stands for, its value, and how it shapes the American beliefs we hold so dearly.

You should also educate them about what they should do during the national anthem. Teach them to stand at attention, with their face toward the flag, and their right hand on their heart.

Gift Them the U.S. Flag

Gift your child their own American flag so they learn to value it from an early age. Gifting them the flag will also teach them how to care for it. It’s also the perfect opportunity to teach them how to fly the flag.

Make sure to brush up on your flag displaying etiquettes before you do.

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